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10 November 2005




Soda all over my desk - you should warn people not to try to drink and read that at the same time.


who on earth doesn't have to be at work until almost 9 in the morning??


So does anyone else think we should rename it Phoenix Area Rapid Transit? Let's just call it PHART for short.


Don't forget to follow up with the financial ramifications of the time spent on the trip. At 3 hours 48 min a day spent in travel, assuming one makes $12.50 like a poor park ranger, the opportunity cost of this trip was just shy of $50. Even at $6 a gallon, this is still 6 gallons of gas or approximately 120 miles of travel in my non-environmentally friendly 10 year old v-6 SUV. If I were to guess on the pay scale of the suit clad office worker in 2009, I would set the pay scale around $24 hour. For this poor schmuck, the daily commute would cost more than $90. Thats progress for you!


OK, so nobody actually wants to LIVE here (Syracuse, NY), but I drive the 5 miles to work in my 28mpg Honda Civic (truth in advertising and it doesn't really warm up till I'm halfway to work - I don't get 30mpg.) If gas went to $6/gallon, the direct effect would be inconvenient at worst. Gas would have to be $10 - no make that $20 a gallon before I'd carpool or ride with "a few transient types."

Of course, I'd telecommute first but why let realistic alternatives get in the way of a bureaucratic social engineering envirowhacko's wet dream? I mean it's only $1.3 billion. A nation that can afford a $250 million bridge to an island in Alaska (population 50) can afford this, right? The 1.3 billion is roughly $4 for every human in the country. I'm sure we'd all be willing to pay for this boondoggle so people in a state I've been to once in my life don't have to drive to work.

This is what happens when the enumerated powers of the Constitution get ignored. If Arizona thinks this is a good deal and wants to pay for it, have at it. Let my family keep its $20 - I'm still paying a lot of college tuition....


Regarding screeching rails and motors, modern electric trains arent too bad on this one. If the station has straight track then it should be pretty quiet. Squealing wheels are usually a function of curving track.


Does anyone really think this project will ever be completed? The track is "going" to run in front of multi-million dollar townhomes on central. Those people are already raising holy hell about it. And with the current toilet swirl of Sen. McCain's career I would bet this is going to be a no go. Just wait anyday breaking news of MSNBC will be the utter watse of $1.3b on a train that no one wants by the good Senator of Az.

Come to think of it $1.3b is about 248,000,000 hours of work at $5.25 an hour or the federal min. wage. Why not hire illegals to take each person in north phoenix to work for the next 100 years. I am sure they can buy those little taxi bikes like in china.


the person that wrote this article and the one leading up to is a fu*kin idiot. you the most non-progressive ideas i've ever heard. i'm just glad that you live nohwere near my city as you have no clue what the demands of the future call for from an urban planning perspective. pull your head out of your car douchebag.


Dreyday, your the one that's a douchebag! Enjoy your stupid transit!

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